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Quickly changing group mode in Moodle forums
Posted by Nathan Lind on 03 April 2018 02:43 PM
Dividing students into small group (5-6 people per group) can help facilitate lively discussion and reduce forum overload for students and faculty. 
Here is how to tell (and change) whether a Moodle forum (or other type of activity) is using Groups:
  • Click "Turn Editing On" button in upper right
  • scroll down page
  • See the icons of little people to the right of the word "Edit" for each forum. 
    • no groups icon in Moodle Gray person = not using groups
    •  separate groups icon in Moodle (red and gray person)Red and Gray person = Separate Groups (group 1 can't see what group 2 is doing...)
    •  Visible groups icon in Moodle (two blue people icon)Two blue people = Visible Groups (group 1 can see what other groups are doing)
  • Click the people icon to cycle between these three modes
  • It is VITAL that you put students into groups in order to make forums that use groups work properly - tutorial on creating groups

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