Luther Seminary- Microphone shutoff/echo in OCC 10
Posted by Evan Meester on 21 August 2018 02:35 PM

Microphone shutoff/echo in OCC 10

This problem occurs when multiple microphones connected to the same room are working on the same channel.

In order to fix this, just change the channel that your microphone is using to one of the three channels that the control panel in the back is set to. There are only 3 channels available in this room, which means you can only use 3 mics at a time.

In order to change the channel on a microphone:

  1. Open the battery pack and press the menu button. (If it is a handheld mic rather than a lapel, the instructions are the same, but the menus are navigated by moving the analog in the directions of the specific action specified).
  2. Press menu multiple times until the last two channel values (ex. 157) are flashing.
  3. Navigate the menu using the up and down arrow keys (or moving the analog up and down) until you reach the proper channel.
  4. Press the enter button. This should make the display rapidly flash.
  5. Press enter again. This should confirm which channel you chose.
  6. MAKE CERTAIN that the channels shown on the microphone match with one of the control panel’s channels.
  7. They should function beyond this point!

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