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Posted by Laura Ledray on 19 July 2018 02:50 PM

SiteImprove Process

It is used to monitor accessibility issues with the sites on it.

Scott and Joe are full admin. Laura, Jim, and Erin have editing access to a point. They can assign users access/take access away.


Both and are managed by Joe Mann. If someone asks about these, forward the emails to Joe Mann directly. Unless its a project request, then fill out the project form.

Athletics, Admissions, Library: Should be managed by the  IT Admin LFC team.


Users have to login to SiteImprove first before access can be assigned. Once they’re logged in, we can assign them to specific pages/change their settings.


Augsburg Content Managers: 1 as the primary SiteImprove person per department on campus. If they want SiteImprove access for, then usually it’s Joe Mann telling people that they need SiteImprove.


There is a help center on the Site Improve website, Joe uses this a lot for general questions.


SiteImprove tutorial written by Joe Mann. General questions about SiteImprove can be answered by Joe Mann.


If people need Reports, then you will have to go in manually and assign them reports. You would go to the Reports section to do this.


You might be asked to “ignore” an issue that SiteImprove is bringing up on the screen.

If you go to the circle with a slash through it, then that is where you click to ignore problems.

Misspellings can also be edited under the Spelling tab.


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