How to record a session of everything on your screen, Mac (Students, Faculty, Staff)
Posted by Drew Hagen on 24 February 2013 03:00 AM

This guide will show you how to record a session of everything that happens on your Mac's screen. This can be a handy trick.

You will use the program Quicktime to do this. This program comes built into the Mac.


[Step 1] Open Quicktime out of your application folder, or by searching Quicktime with Spotlight in the top right on the menu bar.

[Step 2] Quicktime will open on your dock. Right/Two-Finger click on the icon to open a menu.

[Step 3] Select "New Screen Recording" to open a black bar with a red recording button on it.

[Step 4] Whenever you are ready to record, click the red recording button and perform the actions you want recorded on your computer! Click the stop button to termine the recording.

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