Barnesnoble WinSCP for Accounts Payable Instructions
Posted by Marilyn Wetterer on 23 December 2019 11:47 AM


Login to computer as an admin

Install WinSCP from \\Leo\Storage\Library\Installers\WinSCP 

From the Accounts Payable WinSCP Settings, copy the folders barnesnobleWinSCPKey and BN WinSCP Settings to the user's Documents folder

Launch Regedit (Registry Editor)

Load the users registry hive:


        File>Load Hive.

        C:>Users\username\NTUSER.DAT (file may be hidden but you can access it by navigating to the user's root folder and typing "NTUSER.DAT" in the input box.

Call it Dau

In the C:\Users\username\Documents\BN WinSCP you copied down, Double click the BN WinSCP Settings registry file. You will see a Warning Alert, Click Yes

back to regedit, go to edit-->find and search the key that was just added named PublicKeyFile and edit the associated path to have the target user's username in it. Delete the older user name and add new user.

Unload the hive by clicking on the Dau registry subfolder and choosing 

         File>Unload Hive

Reboot and have the user login and launch Winscp


updated 5/11/2023 by Jad Habib

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