Luther Seminary - Accessing Internship Docs for Supervisors and Students
Posted by Laura Ledray on 17 August 2018 09:16 AM

****************Contextual Learning is no longer using the system below. They are using Tk20. Please see



Accessing Internship Forms - Supervisors is the link to the Internship supervisor page. Make sure they are using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Supervisors need to click on the brown "Supervisor Tracking Page" button to log in. Oftentimes, supervisors try using the wrong personal email address to log in, or they try to log in to MyLutherNet to access the forms. Both of these things do not work for accessing the necessary forms.


Here are the links to the rules/application that Lisa sends them when a supervisor is first approved: 


Expectations for Internship Sites:

Financial Guidelines (what the students are paid & the supervisors)


Resetting Supervisor Passwords

Even though Supervisors have public accounts, they can still reset their password using the Forgot Password tool on the Password Reset page:


If they are unable to reset their password using the tool, you can send them an email with password reset instructions through SuperConsole. Type in their public email account into the 2nd box on the SuperConsole main screen and hit Search. Then, send a Reset Password email to them using the button on that page.


If none of these things work and they are still having problems, make a ticket and assign it to Chris Jacobsen. Explain the steps you have already tried up until this point.

Lisa Carpenter works in Contextual Learning, and you will often see emails from her about these issues.


What Supervisors Have Access to See in the CMS

Supervisors are not able to view the Learning Goals. They receive the automated notification that their intern has submitted forms, but that does not mean they can view it.

Supervisors are able to view the 3-month, mid-point and final evaluations, but not the Learning Goals or Project Proposals.


Accessing Internship Forms - Students

When students are working on their internships, they will also need to fill out forms. 

Here is the link for where they login:

Students have to click on the Student Tracking Page brown button. They will need to log in with their Luther Seminary credentials, if they have not already.

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