CLEP Score Processing
Posted by Marilyn Wetterer on 20 February 2020 03:17 PM

Initial Setup (IT)

  • Install GoAnywhere OpenPGPStudio (Decryption Software)
  • In OpenPGPStuio Import key from (\\leo\STORAGE\library\Installers\GoAnywhere PGP Studio\CLEP Score Processing\Augsburg-University.asc)
  • Password & Key saved in Passpack under Registar
  • Make .DATA files open with Notepad.
  • Save CLEP-Parser.xlsm & CLEP-form.docm to the user’s CLEP-ESR folder (or Registar’s folder on Network Drive)


  • The CLEP-Parser.xlsm sheet is protected to prevent accidentally deleting the formulas. The password to unprotect the sheet is “protected”
  • Recommend that the user closes any open Word documents before using the CLEP-Parser as it will close them without prompting to save.

 clep electronic score reporting instructions.docx (147.53 KB)

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