Installing E-Prime 2.0 on Windows 10 (Psychology LFC)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 11 April 2018 12:03 PM

E-Prime is used in our Psychology Labs, primarily by Professor Ben Denkinger. Professors Evren Guler and Nancy Steblay may also use E-Prime. Windows 10 comes with .NET 4.0, so .NET 3.5 will need to be installed for E-Prime 2.0 to work. E-Prime 3.0 has been requested for the May 2018 IT budget, though we will likely run both programs at least on some of the lab machines.

1. Check in with Psychology faculty to find out if there are any profiles with student work needing to be backed up. Sometimes there is a video or PowerPoint file used in studies which will need to be transferred if re-imaging.

2. Edit the registry (Run regedit> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU

3. UseWUServer = 0

3. Open cmd prompt (Run as Admin)

4. net stop wuauserv

5. From the Windows Start menu, search for "Windows Features" > Turn on .NET 3.5

6. At the cmd prompt run net start wuauserv (usually says that the service is not off)

7. Install E-Prime v2.0 from \\leo\STORAGE\library\Installers\EPrime\EP2Std1.0.10.353.exe (Also in KACE). The license key is in KACE.


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