User Role Changes (IT Staff)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 23 January 2018 09:37 AM


Keep original UID?



Student to Faculty
(student ID is used as faculty ID number, so keep UIDs the same)


Create Sysnet ticket to move context

  • Rq TechDesk manager change to faculty flag
  • LFC updates Department, Group Membership, etc.

Student to Staff (active in both roles). Student ID is used as Staff ID number, so keep UIDs the same).


Create Sysnet ticket to move context


Student becomes Staff (not active as student, active as staff).  


Create Sysnet ticket to move context.

Interns in IT get separate UID due to permissions access

Update eduPerson attributes


Staff, becomes Student



Merge staff and student IDs (unless student and staff accounts will be maintained separately? Check with Kathy Kuross on this.)

Staff leaves, still a Student



Faculty, becomes Student



Faculty to Staff



Faculty Retires


Change to Affiliate context (unless they are still teaching part-time?)  

Name change

Rename the account


Connect with LFC if the person is enrolled in a course to have account renamed. The student should be logged out of Moodle during this time.

*UIDs may change:

  • In between role changes due to legal name changes
  • If the role is going from staff to student and we want to keep the former staff member from getting lots of email which no longer applies to their role. Since there is a separate student ID created, the ID number will be unique to the UID.

See separate KB articles for specifics on details for Staff+Student, Student->Staff role changes.

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