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Moodle Grades: Import Grades from a Spreadsheet (Faculty)
Posted by Eric Strom on 20 March 2017 11:09 AM

Grades can be imported into your Moodle gradebook from a spreadsheet with either a file upload or a copy/paste method. Importing can populate grades for existing assessment items or create new ones for you (these will have the default 100-point maximum). This can be useful for incorporating grades from external assessment systems (i.e. textbook publishers or accreditation sites).

Note: Importing grades will override any values that exist in graded activities (such as Assignments).

What your Spreadsheet Needs

A column header row with these fields:

  1. Student ID, username, or email address (see Tip)
  2. Assessment name (one column for each grade item you will be importing). Example: "Quiz - Unit 1".

    spreadsheet data

You will "map" the Student ID column from your spreadsheet to the student id number in Moodle. You will also indicate which grade item your grades get mapped to (either an existing item in your Moodle gradebook or a new item created during the import process).

*Tip: You can quickly create a spreadsheet with your current roster email addresses using the gradebook export option. See the video, Export Roster to Spreadsheet

The Import Process 

  1. From the main course page, under the Administration block, navigate to "Gradebook Setup".

    gradebook setup

  2. Click the Import tab, then “Paste from spreadsheet”.

     import - paste from spreadsheet

  3. Click into the "Data" textbox, paste your spreadsheet content, click the “Upload grades” button.

    pasted data

  4. Map student identifier from the pulldown menu: set “Identify user by” options (if using Student ID, set “Map to” as “ID Number").

  5. Map grade item(s) for each assessment item: set the “Grade item mappings” to the corresponding grade item in the course. Set Moodle to "ignore" the student identifier column.

    Note: If the grade item is not listed, select “New grade item” and Moodle will create an item in the gradebook with 100 points as the default maximum. For items not worth 100 points, the best practice is to have these items created in the course prior to the import process. 

    pasted data

  6. Click the "Upload grades" button. You will see a confirmation page detailing the items imported.
    Click “Continue” to return to the Moodle Gradebook.


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