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Activity Completion Settings for Assignments, Forums, etc. (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 22 October 2015 11:09 AM

Increase a Moodle site's usability by adding activity completion checkboxes. Allow site visitors to check off activities as they are completed or for the activity to dynamically mark itself as completed after certain requirements are met. This feature serves students by helping them to track what they have to do and easily see from the checkboxes what has yet to be completed. It could offer benefits similar to Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret "Don't break the chain". Additional functionality is provided to instructors/site managers via the Activity Completion Report. The feature of tracking completion can also be incorporated into gamification design when used in conjunction with Conditional Release (i.e., a student must receive a passing grade on a quiz in order before the next assignment becomes visible). Contact your LFC for more information.

Be sure to explain to students how the Activity Completion check boxes work (manual vs. dynamic). Once participants contribute work to an activity, such as a forum post, the activity completion settings cannot be changed without affecting those who have already submitted items.



  1. Open one of your Moodle courses

  2. Items such as Files (PDFs, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Videos, MP3s) and URLs (links to anything stored on Google Drive and shared--Google Docs, YouTube, Vimeo, online articles) can be set for manual checking off or to be clicked (Require View) in order to be marked complete as indicated below. The date is completely option and is indicated in the report. See the Activity Completion settings by clicking "Edit" then "Edit settings" for any resources/file.

    Form fields for file completion are either manual or to "Show activity as complete when conditions are met" based on Student "Required View" and optional to add a date which appears in the instructor report

  3. Quizzes offer options where the item may be manually checked off, only checked off after completed, only checked after graded/passing grade acquired/all attempts tried.

    Quiz activity completion options are different than for files

  4. Forum activity completion options can be set to manual checking by participants or only when conditions are met (such as one new original post from each student and 2 replies to other students).

    Form activity options can be set so that one entry is needed (require posts) or 1 discussion and 2 replies

  5. Instructor or site managers can get a birds' eye view of how many items have been completed with the Activity Completion report. Reports can be run from the course main page > Administration block > Reports > Activity Completion.

    Export the report into Excel, find the report under Administration block > Reports > Activity completion, select a letter to filter by student first or last name

  6. (Optional) Conditional release can be set up by editing the settings for an activity under the "Restrict Access" section. Click the "Activity completion" button to see options for scaffolding visibility of items presented on the Moodle course page.

    Restrict access section of an activity's restrict access settings, select the Activity completion button

Enable completion for the course:
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