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Rename your moodle course (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Nathan Lind on 18 September 2013 10:20 AM


You may occasionally have reason to slightly rename your moodle course, such as when:

  • You are sharing your courses with other instructors, for cooperative course development and want to clearly identify which course is yours as more and more courses appear in each person's moodle site
    • SWK610_2013SEM2-A
      • could be renamed
    • SWK610_2013SEM2-A (Andrews)
  • You request two of your courses to be merged together (ask your LFC for help merging) in moodle, for instance grad and undergrad or day and weekend/weeknight cross-listed sections
    • EDC200_2013SEM2-A 
      • could be renamed 
    • EDC200/522_2013SEM2-A 

How to rename your moodle course:

  1. Go into your course in moodle
  2. Click "Edit Settings" in the "Administration" block to the right
  3. Change the "Course full name" (and optionally the "Course short name") - do NOT change the "Course ID number"
  4. Click "Save changes" at the bottom

(Faculty) For additional help with Moodle, visit the Faculty Moodle Resources site at

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