Benefits of Assignment Due Dates (Faculty)
Posted by Eric Strom on 22 August 2017 07:52 AM

Benefits of due dates in Moodle assignments:

For Students

  • The due date (and the time remaining) is clearly displayed in the Assignment description.
  • Lists the assignments in the “Upcoming Events” block.
  • Includes due dates in the Moodle calendar for students 

For Instructors

  • Marks assignments that are submitted late (and how late) in the grading interface.
  • Simplifies the process of updating a course for a new semester since all changes can be made on one page using the Dates Report.

Be aware that in beginning in Moodle 2017-18, the due date is enabled. This means that if you create a new Assignment, the due date will be automatically set to 12 am of the day it was created, and you must change the date (and time) to reflect the actual due date.

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