Install Microsoft Office 2011 on Mac (IT Staff)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 18 March 2015 04:51 PM

Sometimes when troubleshooting issues on Macs with MS Office, it can help to uninstall and reinstall MS Office.

Look up how to uninstall MS Office from a Mac online. You will need to show the Library folder for both the hard drive and the user's home folder. (select the user's home folder and press [Command + J] to select a checkbox for viewing the Library). After following the instructions for uninstalling the program, proceed with a new installation after rebooting.

To install MS Office 2011:

  1. Connect to \\leo\STORAGE\library\Installers\Microsoft\Mac.

  2. The file \\leo\STORAGE\library\Installers\Microsoft\Mac\SW_DVD5_Office_Mac_Standard_2011w_SP3_English_ISO_MLF_X18-77844.ISO has service pack 3 bundled with the installer.

  3. Double click to install.

  4. Remove unnecessary Microsoft programs from the dock (right click > options > remove). These include Outlook, Communicator, and Messenger.

  5. Turn off the splash screen with templates for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Do this by select the menu item Word > Preferences > General >  uncheck "Show the Start screen when this application starts".

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