Purchasing Peripherals (IT Staff)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 24 March 2016 01:24 PM

External Monitors for Macs or Windows

VGA still works well, or DVI. Both are common. Adapters are inexpensive so an HDMI port and cable are not necessarily needed.

  Other criteria to consider:

  1. Webcam
    Note: If faculty want to replace their Windows desktop monitor with a larger monitor which their department or themselves are purchasing, make sure it has a webcam.
  2. USB ports?
  3. Adjustable height (not as important if the same faculty member will be the main user)
  4. Speakers - allows you to have increased volume without the clutter
  5. Is swiveling important?
  6. Rotation from landscape to portrait mode?

Ergonomic assessments are done through Facilities. If the assessment determines a need, then HR becomes involved in the discussion.

Examples of ergonomic keyboards and mice typically purchased:

Ask Nate Hallanger, Academic Affairs, to pay for monitor and keyboard/mice.

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