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Reserve a Classroom
Posted by Benjamin Kurtenbach on 11 February 2014 10:27 AM


If the video is not playing click on this link to download the video:

This video shows you how to reserve a classroom using Augsburg's scheduling system.

 Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to on your web browser.

  2. Log in using your Augsburg user name and password.

  3. Enter Event Name, Meeting Name, Meeting Type, and Description.

  4. On the calendar in the bottom left corner select the day of your event. Right above the calendar select a Start and End time for your event.

  5. Once you have selected the desired date and time, click the button titled "Create" with a plus sign next to it. 

  6. Once you have created the event, it will appear under the Meetings tab, directly to the right of the calendar.

  7. Select your meeting, by clicking the check box next to your Event and then clicking the button "Request Rooms".

  8. You can now see the rooms available during the requested time. Select a room that you wish to reserve. 

  9. Once you have selected a room, select "OK".

  10. After you have returned to the main screen, click "Submit" in the top left corner of your event to submit your event request.

  11. You will receive an email updating you on the status of your request.



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