Prosystem Fx Engagement (ProFx) for Admin accounting
Posted by Erin Voss on 25 September 2017 11:21 AM

Prosystem FX Engagement (Profx) is software used in Admin Accounting to manage documents for the auditors.

Installers are on \\tohil in the "Engagement CD Image" folder. Copy to local hard drive before running.

You want the Engagement with Knowledge Coach option.  SQL Server 2008 is what is currently (Fall 2017) working with the installations, the SQL express upgrades don't apply to the SQL 2008 version we have previously installed.

Once installed, users need a login which can be created by another Accounting user with appropriate rights or by someone in Sysnet.

When working with PDFs within ProFX, users may need Acrobat Reader configured to not use protected mode.


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