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Hosting a conference call
Posted by Scott Krajewski (Import) on 23 April 2010 09:40 AM

Augsburg has subscribed to AT&T Teleconferencing services to provide affordable conference calling, or teleconferencing, to departments.  Your department will be billed for the teleconference. 

Using the 888 toll-free number costs 8 cents per minute per caller.  So for a teleconference with 3 callers the cost for the 888 number is 24 cents per minute. 

Using the 617 toll number costs 4 cents per minute per caller.  So for a teleconference with 3 callers the cost for the 617 number is 12 cents per minute.  Long distance charges may apply to callers.

To use the service you need to have a meeting room created for you.  Your LFC can create the room which has a meeting room ID and telephone access password attached to it.  This is your own teleconference "meeting room" that you can use at any time. Provide the following information to your LFC:

  • Department cost center number
  • Date, start time, and length of call (plan for extra time if you think the call will extend past the meeting time)
  • Your office phone number
  • Number of people, including the host, who will be included in the call

    You should email your participants the phone number and the meeting room IDYou have to be dialed into the "meeting room" for others to join in. Remember, they cannot join the teleconference if you are not already there. They will be placed in a waiting queue until you arrive.
Phone Number
Toll-free: 1-888-431-3632 (This is the same for all of Augsburg.)
Toll: 1-617-231-2678 (This is the same for all of Augsburg.  Long distance charges may apply to participants.)
Meeting Room ID:  (This is specific to you.)

Additionally, you have a Telephone Access Password which is needed for you to join as the "meeting room" owner.  This is not your login password, but the password to your meeting room.  This password identifies you as the "meeting room" owner.  You should not share this with the participants.

After you call into the meeting room you will be prompted to enter your telephone access password.

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