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Add or Remove someone from your Moodle Course (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Scott Krenz on 29 September 2009 09:49 AM

This article describes the steps to add people to your Moodle course using a manual enrollment method.  You must be assigned an "Instructor" role to add other Co-instructors or students to your course.  Students are automatically added to courses the day after they have registered.  You may wish to add additional people such as tutors, teaching assistants, or other faculty.

Note: In general, students enrolling in a course for credit will be automatically enrolled when the registration system pushes their enrollment to the learning management system (i.e., Moodle) around 6 a.m. the following morning. If manually enrolling a student to provide course site access before the auto-enrollment has finished, make sure to check the following day to see that auto-enrollment has occurred and remove the manual enrollment. Otherwise, the student may appear twice in the grade book (among other issues).

To add someone you will be assigning them a role in the course.

  • In the Administration block under Course administration, expand Users and select Enrolled users.

    Administration block, Course administation, Users    Administration block, Course administration, Users, Enrolled users

  • Select Enroll users

Enroll users button and search field (ignore search for now)

  • The Enrollment options dialog box will pop-up. Select a role for the user from a drop-down menu and enter a partial email address or partial name in the Select users field where "Search" appears. Select Enroll users or click Show more... to see options such as setting an automatic un-enrollment for a peer who may be reviewing the course web site prior to the start date of the course.

To remove someone from your course:

  • From the Administration block, select Enrolled users

    Administration block, Users, Enrolled users

  • From here, select the 'X' under the Status column to un-enroll participants. Note: Only manually or self-enrolled students can be un-enrolled.

    Unenroll participants

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