Uploading a podcast to your blog from a Mac
Posted by Scott Krajewski (Import) on 04 September 2009 02:49 PM
Macs with MacOS 10.5 or newer come with the Podcast Capture application in Applications->Utilities.

1. Start Podcast Capture and connect to podcasts.augsburg.edu with your AugNet username and password.

2. Then choose the type of podcast you are doing.  You can record it now or upload a file you have recorded elsewhere.

3. After creating the podcast or selecting the file you are ready to submit it to the server.  Select the workflow called "User Blog - post to a user blog" for all video or audio files you create in Podcast Capture.  If you are uploading an MP3 file, slect "User Blog - Podcast a MP3 or pdf file" instead.

Click "Done" and in a few minutes your podcast will be posted to your blog page.

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Last Modified: 2013/05/13

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