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Converting a .mov file to a .m4v file
Posted by Eric Strom on 08 April 2013 02:19 PM

Past experience has shown that some .mov files (especially very large ones) are not fully supported in VoiceThread. We have heard reports of uploading or conversion problems for some.

For updated information about currently supported file types, please visit:

One process that has shown to be successful is to convert the file to a .m4v format. This greatly reduces the file size compared to a .mov file and enables the VoiceThread service to more reliably upload and process the video data.

How to convert a .mov to a .m4v file:


Mac Users, OS X Lion and higher with QuickTime Player (version 10.1)

  1. Open the .mov file in QuickTime Player (version 10.1).

  2. Choose "Export..." from the File menu.
  3. From the format pulldown menu, select "iPod touch & iPhone 3S".


Windows Users with iTunes (version 11):

  1. Add the video to your iTunes library. If the "File, Edit, View, Controls, etc. " menu bar is not visible in iTunes, select the icon in the upper-left corner and select "Show Menu Bar" (Ctrl+B) to reveal it.

  2. Select the video you wish to convert.

  3. From the File menu, choose "Create New Version -> Create iPod or iPhone Version". A copy of the video will appear in iTunes.

  4. Select the new file (To ensure you can tell which video is which, choose List view and right-click the column headers in the library list. Choose "Kind" to add this column of information. You want the MPEG-4 video file.)

  5. Open this file outside of iTunes by right-clicking the file and choosing Open in Windows Explorer.

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Last Modified: 2013/04/08

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