Collaborative Folders in Moodle
Posted by Eric Strom on 14 September 2015 11:49 AM

For times when you want all students to contribute files to a common location within a course, you can use the Folder resource with a modified setting to allow students to add content to your course for others to see.


  1. To create a folder resource, turn editing on for your course.

    Turn editing on

  2. Click the "Add an activity or resource" link.

    Add an activity link

  3. Choose the "Folder" resource option and click "Add".

    Add a folder resource

  4. Name your folder resource and click "Save and display."

  5. In the "Administration" block under "Folder administration", choose "Permissions".

    Folder administration, permissions

  6. In order to allow students to add files to this folder, add the student role to the "Manage files in folder module" capability by clicking the plus sign in the "Roles with permission" column.

    Image of Step 6

  7. Choose "Student" from the Select role pulldown menu and click "Allow". You will see the student role adding to be able to manage files in your folder resource.

    Image of Step 8

    Student role added

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