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Moodle Grades: Extra Credit (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Eric Strom on 07 January 2013 04:44 PM

How to designate an existing item in Moodle Grades to be calculated as an extra credit item.

  1. In the Administration block, select 'Gradebook setup' under Course administration.

    Settings block, Course administration, Grades

  2. For the item you want to set as extra credit, click 'Edit' in the Actions column and select 'Edit settings'.
    edit settings

  3. Check the extra credit box in the 'Parent category' settings for your item and select 'Save changes'.

    Image of Step 2

    Help: "What if I don't see an 'Extra credit' option?"
    This means the item is in a grade category with an aggregation method of "Weighted mean of grades" which doesn't support extra credit. You can change the aggregation method for grade categories. Learn how in Moodle Grades: Category Settings
  4. The grade item will be marked as extra credit (indicated by a plus sign '+' next to its max grade value). The category containing the extra credit item will now exclude those points from its maximum possible score.

    Image of Step 3
Last Modified: 2017/09/21

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