How to Create a Grade Category (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Eric Strom on 11 February 2011 09:54 AM

Grade categories help you to organize your assignments in the gradebook. Categories can also be used to apply weighted grading and other aggregation methods to groups of grade items.

  1. Navigate to the course Grades from the Settings block under Course administration.

    Settings block, Course administration, Grades

  2. Once in Grades, select the Setup tab.
    Grades, Gategories and items tab

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Add Category button.

    Add category button

  4. Enter a value in the Category name field (ex. "Quizzes", "Assignments", etc.)

    Grade category, Category name field
    **Note** The advanced settings (denoted by the green asterisk) can be hidden by clicking on "Show less...".

  5. Click the Save changes button. Your new category will appear as the last item in the Categories and items layout and in the Grader report.

    To edit a category, see
    Moodle Grades: Category Settings

Last Modified: 2015/07/09

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