VoiceThread Assignment Builder
Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 29 June 2020 08:49 AM

The VoiceThread Assignment Builder is integrated with Moodle and allows instructors to assign a grade when students have either

  • completely watched a VoiceThread.
  • submitted a Comment to a VoiceThread, or
  • created a VoiceThread (e.g., for a student presentation)
  1. To add a VoiceThread assignment, with editing on, choose the appropriate weekly topic section and click "Add an activity or resource" (blue button). In the Moodle "picker" that opens, select "VoiceThead."

    Select VT

  2. Name the VoiceThread and scroll down and click "Save and display." [NOTE: If you have a category in your gradebook for these assignments, you can select that category under "Grade." However, you should not make changes to any of the other settings on this page.]

    Name the VoiceThread and Display

  3. Select "Assignment Builder" from the next page and click "Continue" (bottom left).

    Select Assignment Builder

  4. There are 3 different types of graded VT assignments (click the link for a video on how to create the assignment you choose):
            -Students can create a VoiceThread (e.g., a student presentation)
            -Students must comment on a VoiceThread (e.g., a variation on an online discussion)
            -Students must watch a VoiceThread to completion (e.g., an online, asynchronous lecture).

    Select the type of assignment

  5. When students go to your assignment, they will see the interface to complete the required work and submit. Once students have submitted their work, you can grade their submissions.
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