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Information Technology and Retiring or Teaching Less than .75 FTE (Faculty)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 20 June 2017 11:43 AM

This article addresses common questions posed by faculty who are transitioning from full-time teaching to retirement. Department heads review a list of faculty associated with their department and mark any accounts which need to be deleted, usually instructors who are not expected to teach for the next two years. The Academic Liaisons for Computing will send out a notification that the account will be disabled after a period of time and eventually deleted.

  1. Change your Gmail out of office message and voicemail message (log into voicemail and press 82 to change your greeting)  to let people know how to reach you. Augsburg email accounts will stay in-tact for emeriti professors though not voicemail needs to be reassigned to another member of the organization due to a limited number of voicemail licenses. For those faculty who used as their primary email account and receive a notice the account will be disabled, you may request an auto-reply which will include your personal email address where you can be reached. This will be in effect for 6 months.

  2. If you would like a copy of your Google Calendar, Drive, Email, etc. you can export a copy using Google Takeout. Contacts must be exported separately.

  3. File cleanup (Emeriti keep access to their home network drive (H: drive) and Google Drive) though all files on Augsburg computers need to be backed up to a Google drive or personal storage solution, such as an external hard drive or flash drive so the files can be transferred to a personal computer. If YouTube videos are stored on a channel associated with your Augsburg account are desired to be kept, downloading the videos onto external storage is the best option. It may be possible to copying the videos over to a personal channel playlist. 

  4. Backups of Moodle courses can be created via:
  5. Augsburg laptops will be reimaged to overwrite all data stored on the computer before being returned to the leasing company or reassigned to another member of the faculty.

    What does reimage mean?

    "Reimage is the process of removing all software on a computer and reinstalling everything. A reimage is necessary if your operating system becomes damaged or corrupted. You may also need to reimage if your system is plagued with spyware problems. The word reinstall is often used in place of reimage." (Beal, June 2017, Webopedia)

  6. How can I get rid of confidential paper files?
    Open a Facilities Request on Inside Augsburg to ask for boxes of confidential files to be picked up when the monthly shredding service visits.
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