Help, my students can't post in my Moodle forum!
Posted by Nathan Lind on 20 May 2015 03:05 PM

If you hear from students that they are not able to post to one of your Moodle discussion forums, it may be due to those forums being set to use groups but you have not put students into your groups yet. Those forums won't work for students until you do. Options:

  1. You'll need to either turn off group mode for your forums (turn editing mode on first):

    Change to no groups

  2. or, Create Groups:

    Create groups

  3. NOTE: Without doing one of these steps, the forums that are set up to use group will not work (students won't be allowed to post) since those forums are set to use groups, but no students are yet in groups. Please let your LFC know if you have questions. 

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