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How to Access a Graded Grading Guide (Students)
Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 25 September 2014 09:41 AM

Grading Guides are scoring charts that list a series of criteria for an assignment and establish a range of possible points for each. Your instructors may use a Grading Guide to provide you with feedback on your work. Here is how to access your graded Grading Guide so you can see your instructor's comments.

  1. If your instructor is using a Grading Guide with a Moodle Assignment, you can see it prior to submitting your work by clicking on the assignment hyperlink on the main page of the course.

    Click on Assignment link

  2. Then scroll down below the assignment directions to where it says "Submission status."

    Unscored marking guide

  3. Once you submit your paper and the instructor grades it using the grading guide, you can see your grade by clicking on "Grades" in the Administration block of your Moodle course.

    Access student grades

  4. In the Moodle gradebook you will see the final grade for your work, but in order to see the graded Grading Guide (and any instructor's additional comments), you must click on the title of the assignment.

    Click Assignment title to view marking guide

  5. To see the graded marking guide (and instructor's comments), scroll down PAST the unscored grading guide and the "Edit submission" button to the very bottom of the page.

    Graded Marking Guide

  6. The grading guide provides a wealth of information about how your work was assessed. 

    Scoring on a Marking Guide


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