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Recover/Salvage Files from Student or Faculty/Staff H-drive (Windows)
Posted by Riley Hunter (student) on 21 November 2013 04:38 PM

To salvage a file, such as a Microsoft Word document (from your Augnet Folder) that was lost, follow these steps:

  1. Open the person's H-drive and check for a temporary file. If one is found, open it through Microsoft Word normally if a doc file. Otherwise open with Microsoft Word having selected "all files" from the drop-down menu where it says .

  2. If the temporary file is not already in the H-drive, you will need to salvage it. Go to Computer, then right click on the student's H-drive and select "salvage files".

  3. Sort by "date deleted" and select the file(s) matching the lost file's name. Also check for file size; for example, 1KB will not yield much useful data, however a larger size probably will.

  4. Select "salvage file". This will send the temporary file to the H-drive.

  5. Repeat step 1.

  6. If the newly salvaged file is not visible on the H-drive, go to Organize--> Folder and Search Options--> View and uncheck "hide protected operating system files".

  7. Repeat step 1.


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Last Modified: 2015/03/17

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