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Using Zoom H2 digital audio recorders
Posted by Nathan Lind on 26 December 2012 01:35 PM

How to Use Zoom H2 Digital Audio Recorders

For basic recording, such as an interview between a small group of people, use the setup steps below. These steps will ensure the recorder(s) are always in the same ready condition before you start recording, regardless of who uses them before you, and what, how, and how long they record.

  1. Turn to “ON” on the left side
  2. Put in two fresh AA batteries (access at the back) if current ones not near full (NOTE: totally charged batteries only allow 4 hours recording time, so when the battery indicator light in the lower left shows only 2/3rd it may only record about 2 hours, and 1/3rd may only allow 1 hour of recording).
  3. Set MIC GAIN to Medium or High on the side.  Medium records more clearly, but not as loudly (it is good to remind the interviewee to speak clearly and not too quietly, though talking loudly is not usually necessary except in situations with significant backgound noise)
  4. Select 2CH (this records from the front and back, in 2 channel stereo) using the left/right facing single-arrows
  5. Set recording filetype to MP3 128kbps
    1. Menu | Right double-arrow (next to red record circle button) down to "REC MODE" | Red record button (works like "Enter" key) | Right/Left double-arrows to MP3 128kbps | Red record button | Menu
      1. The higher kbps you select, the better quality recording you will get, but the less time you will be able to record on the memory card
  6. Delete old files to make room for your recording (if there are any left from previous user)
    1. Menu | Right double-arrow down to "File" | Red record button | Files will usually appear like this "STE-001.mp3" |
    2. If there are files showing, Press Red record button | Right double-arrow down to "DELETE" | Red record button | Left double-arrow to "YES" | Red record button
  7. Repeat to delete additional old files, and then when finished deleting any old files, press "Menu" to return to main screen – The screen should now say “NO DATA”
  8. Check the "REMAIN" time in the lower right - Displayed in HH:MM:SS, (hours, min, sec)
    1. Be sure there is enough time to record your session (if not, double check that you have deleted all old files (Step 6), and set the filetype to MP3 128kbps, or similar)
  9. Press red-circle record once (red light blinks) to check levels, a second time (red light on solid) to record.  Press a third time (red light turns off) to stop recording (the file takes a few moments to process before the light turns off).
  10. When done recording, use the USB cable to connect to a Windows computer.  After connecting, select “Storage” on the Zoom, using the red recording button on the Zoom. Find your files in the Computer icon on your computer. The Zoom will be listed as a removable drive.

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