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Using external sites to host images, for posting on moodle
Posted by Andrew Orrison on 11 July 2012 06:15 PM

There are a few options for hosting images which you need to embed in moodle posts. I will be showing how to host images on both and


Option 1.)


Easy to use, easy to setup


less permanant, more difficult to share. 


Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Drag any image from your computer to the window or click on the computer button to upload an image.

Step 3: If you want to edit the image (change the size or rotate the image) select the radio button to the right of the file name you are uploading.

Step 5: Upload the image(s) with the Start upload button, if you want your images in an album select the "Group images into an album" button. 


To get a embedable link for the images look on the right under Direct Link (email & IM) this is what you will use for putting an image into a moodle post. 


Option 2.)


More permanant, simple to share, not very complex


Less easy to setup


Step 1: Navigate to and create an account and follow the directions. 

(optional, but helpful) Download the dropbox software.

Step 2: Upload any of your files to dropbox, or if you have downloaded the software put your image into the public folder.

Step 3:In the web interface navigate into your public folder and select copy public link. This is the link you will use for embeding the image.

Embeding the Image into a moodle post.

Step 1: Create your moodle post

Step 2: Click on the small image icon in the toolbox.

Step 3: In the box that pops up paste your image link. Then click ok to add it to the post.


This should solve all your image uploading and hosting problems.


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