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Removing the Antispyware Soft Virus (PC)(Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Joel Kociemba on 03 June 2010 12:07 PM
"Antispyware Soft" is a virus that poses as a legitimate anti-malware tool.  The program will deliver stock messages about the computer being infected and solicit payment from the user.  The virus does not require any kind of authorization from the user, which makes it quite easy to get. Luckily, its effect is user specific and thus quite easy to get rid of.

1. Either log in as any user other than the infected one, or boot into safemode
2. Find the users folder in Start -> Computer-> C: -> Users -> *infected user ->app data
3. There will be a folder with some random letters and this folder will contain an executable. Delete the folder.  Also empty the temp folder.
4. This virus also blocks you from accessing the internet. To re-enable, open Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings -> and uncheck the box for "Use a proxy server..."
5. Remove bad entries in the registry.  Open the registry editor by holding the Windows + R keys, then release.  Type in regedit and hit enter.  First, in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software, there will be avsoft and avsuite entries, both of which should be deleted.
6.  In the user's registry hive (either load it in as admin, or log in as the user and go to HKEY_LOCAL_USER) delete these instances:  [to be determined].

After doing this, the program will no longer run.
You may want to run some anti-malware software to be sure nothing installed after or while this virus was running to be safe.

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