Viewing Reports, Agresso Web, All Modules (Budget, Courses and Student Reports) (Faculty and Staff)
Posted by Scott Krajewski (Import) on 13 March 2009 01:39 PM

Viewing Budget Reports Online (Faculty and Staff)

Budget managers can view several budget reports including budget vs actual and detail report.

A video exploring some of these steps in more depth is available below:

Budget reports are found through Agresso web access on Inside Augsburg.  Be sure you know your cost center before beginning.
To get there, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Inside Augsburg (
  2. Click on Administrative Tasks and then Agresso Web.
  3. Enter your AugNet username, AD for client, and your AugNet password.
    Login screen with Username, Domain, and Password fields
  4. Down in the bottom-left corner is Reports.  That's what you should click on.
  5. Now the top left area will show you your reports folders.  
  6. Click the plus (+) next to Global reports to see your report groups.  You may have a few groups but for now you want Budget Managers Prompted. 
  7. Click the plus (+) next to Budget Managers Prompted to see the specific reports available.
  8. For these reports you will need to enter your cost center and some require a budget period entered.  Budget periods are defined below.  Clicking on a report will open a new window.

    Suppose you wanted to view a detailed list of budget transactions for a certain month.  You can click on the report to view it.  You will need to enter some parameters before running the report.

    After you enter the cost center and periods click Search in the lower-left to run the report.
  9. Often these reports have a lot of detail you may wish to "zoom out" to a level of less detail.  Click on the menu next to Detail level to "zoom out."  You can always use the same menu to zoom back in.

    Remember this report opened in a new window. You can close it to get back to the window that showed your list of reports from step 7.
Budget periods defined
Month Code
June 2008 200801
July 2008 200802
May 2009 200812

Start of year balance,
carry-over from previous year

Clean up, invoices that arrived after
end of May from previous FY
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