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Posted by Dan Hoisington on 07 January 2010 09:34 AM

Inside Augsburg Accounts after Commencement

Inside Augsburg accounts are only provided for current Augsburg students. Once you graduate (complete your coursework and receive your degree, as recorded by the Registrar), you will receive an email within the month guiding you on the next steps. You will get a two month warning before deletion and the option to transfer your email messages to a new Alumni email address. If you don't receive any emails about this process, your account is not ready to be deleted. If you intend to participate in the upcoming commencement ceremony and have not yet printed your tickets, please choose the “Hold” option that is offered as part of the IT account deletion process. Selecting the “Hold” option will postpone the deletion of your account. When your account is deleted, you will lose all access to any service which requires an Augsburg username and password (i.e. Webmail, Google Apps for Education, Records & Registration, commencement ceremony ticketing, Qualtrics, Online directory, Moodle, library databases, use of the computer labs), and all files, web pages, e-mail messages and address books stored on the Augsburg servers will be permanently deleted.

Account Transition Checklist

Technology has no doubt played an important role in your life as a student at Augsburg. As you prepare to graduate, it is important to take some time to make arrangements concerning your Augsburg account so your transition to this next stage in your life can be as smooth as possible.

  • Transfer files from your Google Drive: If you want to keep any files stored in your Google Drive, you are responsible for extracting the contents of your Google Drive to another location.  We suggest the use of Google Takeout and that you apply it to your Augsburg account before migrating to an Alumni account.  This is particularly important because if you migrate first, your access to your Augsburg account will replaced on the Inside Augsburg page by your Alumni account when you click on Webmail.  We suggest that you take a look at a couple of clips that we have created for you as a guide (Takeout Part 1 and Takeout Part 2).
  • Back up your contacts: You are responsible for exporting your contacts from your Augsburg email account.
  • Transfer files from your Inside Augsburg folder: If you want to keep any files that are stored in your Inside Augsburg folder, you will need to transfer them to your computer or a storage device (like a CD or a USB drive). To transfer files to your own computer, connect to your Inside Augsburg folder and copy the files from your folder into a location on your computer.
  • Establish new e-mail address: Augsburg will provide you with an Alumni email account and a way to migrate your messages from your Augsburg email account to an Alumni email account.
  • Transfer your e-mail messages: After about a month of your graduation, Augsburg will send you messages reminding you of your options with regards to your Augsburg account.  Those messages contain the necessary information for you to migrate your messages from your Augsburg email account to your newly created Alumni email account.  Keep in mind that Augsburg doesn't guaranty that all your email messages will be transferred over.  Do not perform this step before you have done the steps above.  Once your Alumni email address is created and your email messages are transferred, you will lose access to your former Augsburg account and all of its features.
  • Distribute your new e-mail address: Once you have obtained your Alumni email account, make sure to use it on documents such as job applications, resumes, graduate school applications, and other forms. If you've already sent out job or grad school applications with your Augsburg student e-mail address, contact the employers or schools to update your contact information.
  • Set up e-mail forwarding: Our migration process also accounts for a temporary email forward of two weeks but you are ultimately responsible for updating your contacts. A friendly bounce back message will last for the duration of the email forward letting the sender know of your newly created Alumni email account.
  • Plan computer access: When your Inside Augsburg account is deleted, you won't be able to use the computers on campus anymore. Now is the time to start thinking about where you will use computers. If you are considering purchasing a new computer, please feel free to contact the TechDesk manager for advice or assistance in deciding what kind of computer would best suit your needs. (If you buy the computer while you're still a student, you may be able to save some money with a student discount!)


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