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How to Upload files in Moodle
Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 18 May 2022 02:21 PM

Instructors may ask students to submit an assignment as an uploaded file to a Moodle Assignment or as an attachment to a Moodle Forum post. Moodle will accept many different formats, but your instructor may specify that you upload a Word doc or PDF to a Moodle Assignment.

  1. In the Moodle Assignment, open the assignment and click the "Add Submission" button

    click "Add submission"

  2. If you have the file on your desktop or in a folder, you can drag & drop the file into the submission window. Or you can click the "Add" icon in the upper left corner and "browse" for the file on your computer and upload it.

    Drag & Drop or Browse

  3. Then click, "Save changes" and your paper is submitted. [NOTE: It is possible to upload multiple files to one assignment in Moodle, but the number is determined by your instructor.]

    Click "Save"

  4. In the Moodle Forum, to attach a file to your click the "Advanced" link in the Forum post window and then either drag & drop or browse to attach and then click "Post to forum."

    Attach a file to a forum
Last Modified: 2022/05/18

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