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Changing your AugNet password (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Dan Hoisington on 08 July 2009 10:57 AM

Keeping your account secure

You may change your AugNet password at any time, as long as you know what your current password is.  If you've forgotten your password, contact the TechDesk if you are a student or your designated LFC to have your password reset (a new one will be assigned to you).

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Last Modified: 2012/12/17


1. Login to Inside Augsburg

Go to the Inside Augsburg page. Login by entering your current AugNet username and password in the boxes on the left and clicking "login".

Login to Inside Augsburg

2. Go to the Password Change page

Now that you are logged in, click on "Account Utilities" under "AugNet Services". When the menu expands, choose "Change Password".

3. Change your password

Enter your current password, along with the new one, into the appropriate text fields. Then click on the "Change Password" button.

4. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been processed successfully

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