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Profile Migration (Mac)
Posted by Riley Hunter (student) on 04 August 2014 05:42 PM

This article will describe how to migrate user profile(s) and data from one iMac to another. If performing the migration in the user's office, be sure to bring the new computer, its peripherals, a power strip, an ethernet cable, and the Classrooms keys to unlock the old computer. You may need to call DPS to have the door unlocked. Also, student workers currently do not have admin rights on faculty iMacs, which means they cannot view / transfer the user data, and cannot remove KACE inventory labels on the KACE site. However, there is a script that students can run to make themselves admins in KACE. Talk to Dan for details.


(0. LFC log-in: before the migration, an LFC will log in to begin encryption. This should take place before the migration)


1. Setup:

a. Unlock the old Mac and move the new one into its place. Swap out the peripherals and cables, and be sure to transfer any sticky notes, etc. from the old Mac to the new one.

b. Plug in both the Macs to power outlets, using the power strip if need be. Do not plug a power strip into a power strip unless there are no free outlets and the wall outlet is completely inaccessible.

c. Plug the Macs in to the network wall ports via ethernet cable.


2. Student log-in:

a. Boot up the Macs.

b. Log in to both Macs. Make sure that each Mac is connected to the network via ethernet at time of log-in.

c. Click the radio button not to sign in with an Apple ID, click "continue." Click "skip" to confirm the choice and proceed.


3. Migration:

a. On each Mac, change the Power Saver settings for the display and computer to never turn off. This will prevent any interruptions to the migration process. The Power Saver settings can be found in System Preferences, and will need to be changed back after the migration.

b. Now use the ethernet cable to connect the two Macs to each other.

c. Open Applications --> Utilities --> Migration Assistant.

d. On the new Mac, select the radio button "migrate from a Mac," and on the old Mac select "migrate to a Mac."

e. A computer icon will appear on the old Mac. Click on this icon to select it.

f. The Migration Assistant will verify the connection by displaying a serial number on the new Mac. Click continue, then click continue on the old Mac if the numbers displayed match on both Macs.

g. De-select all options such as Applications, the Admin profile, etc. except the particular user.

h. Begin the migration. This could take several hours, so lock the computer if this hasn't been done yet. Lock the office and leave. Check on it later or update the LFC supporting the user so they can.


4. KACE Documentation:

a. Log in to

b. Under Inventory --> Devices, remove the old computer's label.


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