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Submitting Document from Google Drive on Moodle
Posted by Nancy Xiong on 10 April 2014 11:06 AM

Please follow these steps to upload documents from Google Drive onto Moodle. This will allow your professors to open your files correctly.


  1. Go to your class on Moodle and click on the assignment link where you are submitting your document. Click on 'Add submission'

  2. Then click on "Add..."

  3. Choose "Google Drive" from the list on the left side

  4. All your files on your Google Drive should be listed on here. Click on the file you want to submit. Note that the files should be in the .rtf format

  5. Choose "Select this File" to confirm

  6. Click on "Save Changes" after you are done selecting your document


Your document should be uploaded and you are good to go!



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