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The Online Directory
Posted by Dan Hoisington on 16 March 2009 07:38 PM

Campus Contact Information

The Online Directory is the complete searchable directory of the Augsburg community. It is only available to current Augsburg students, staff, and faculty -- no one outside the College can view the directory information. The college does not provide a printed directory.

As with other AugNet services, access the directory by logging into the Inside Augsburg web page and choosing the "Directory Search" link on the left side.

Privacy Options

Students are able to withhold any or all of the information that appears in the online directory, including your photo. However, we encourage you to display as much information as you are comfortable with, as it is a valuable resource for faculty members.

To view your current directory listing or to restrict what information is visible, follow this link.

Updating your information

If your name in the Online Directory is incorrect, you should contact the Enrollment Center to have the information corrected. If your contact information is incorrect, first contact the Enrollment Center with the correct contact information and then also contact the Tech Desk.

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