Duplicating Moodle Activities and Resources
Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 09 February 2015 02:28 PM

Instructors can streamline their course building by duplicating Moodle Resources and Activities.

  1. Create the desired activity or resource according to the following directions:
    1. Creating a Moodle Forum
    2. Creating a Moodle Assignment
    3. Creating a Moodle Label

  2. To duplicate the Activity or Resource, click on the dropdown "Edit" menu associated with the item and select "Duplicate."
    Click on "Duplicate."

  3. To quickly edit the title of the new item, click on the "pencil" icon to the right of the name, make the desired changes,then hit "enter."

    Edit the name

  4. To edit anything within the resource or activity, select "Edit settings" from the dropdown "Edit" menu to the right of the activity. To move it to another topic section, click the 4-headed arrow to the left.

    Edit the activity or resource and/or move it

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Last Modified: 2022/05/17

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