Creating a Moodle Page
Posted by Bonnie Tensen on 05 January 2015 02:25 PM

A Moodle “Page” is a separate Web page that is viewable only within the course. If you have a lot of content, you may want to place this on a separate Page to streamline the appearance of your course. In addition, a Page can be edited directly in Moodle using the content editor(unlike a Moodle file--a Word doc or PDF, which you must download, edit, upload, and then delete the original), and is more easily accessed by students (only one click!).

  1. To create a Moodle page, turn editing on and then click on "Add a resource or activity," and select "Page" from the Moodle "picker"

    Select Moodle "page"

  2. Name your page and add any content 

    Title and add content

  3. Pages (like most Moodle resources and activities) have a content editor (or WYSIWYG) that allows you to format text or add images. [NOTE: visit the KB article Moodle ATTO content Editor for tips on how to best copy & paste from Word, insert hyperlinks and images/media on a Moodle page.'

    Content Editor

  4. When you have added all of the content to your page, click on "Save and Display." To edit the page, turn editing on and then select "Edit settings" from the dropdown menu next to the page title.

    Edit page
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