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What is Moodle?
Posted by Dan Hoisington on 16 March 2009 07:30 PM

Moodle is the CMS (Course Management System) in use at Augsburg. Every Augsburg course will have a site within moodle, although instructors may choose not to use these sites.

Accessing moodle
To log into moodle:

1) Go to the Inside Augsburg web site. 

2) Log in under "Augnet Services" on the left side. 

3) Choose "My Courses (moodle)" from the "Augnet Services" menu.

Sometimes after logging in, you may see a message stating that your session has timed out, followed by a return to the Inside Augsburg page. If this happens, click on the "My Courses" link again. This "timeout" message appears when you were previously logged into moodle but have not viewed a moodle page for a certain period of time.

Your Courses
All moodle courses in which you are enrolled will appear on the first page you see after entering moodle. It may take up to 24 hours for your moodle course enrollment to update after you add or drop a course through the registration system.

Courses are grouped by term -- Fall, Winter, and Spring, plus additional terms for summer or other special sessions. Because the Spring semester (Day program) overlaps with both the Winter and Spring trimesters (Weekend and Graduate programs), not all concurrent courses may be displayed in the same "term" if you have crossover registrations.

If your course enrollment is still not correct, please send an e-mail message to the TechDesk at The message must contain a description of the problem along with your name, your AugNet username, and the full course numbers (for example, ACC221-A) and terms (for example, Winter Trimester) for the courses that are incorrect.

Learning moodle
A special course called "Student Introduction to moodle" is available to all students. This course is a place for you to practice the various types of activities in moodle in an environment that is not being graded. This course also provides explanations of some of the common features in moodle.

To enter this course, look in the very first box at the top of the main moodle page. In this box, there is a link to the "Student Introduction to moodle" course. Click the link to enter the course.

Last Modified: 2013/01/18

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