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Uploading to your www folder (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Dan Hoisington on 02 July 2010 11:14 AM

This article will help you upload files to your www folder either to publish your own web page or to share documents with others.

  1. Log into the Inside Augsburg page

  2. Under "Account Utilities," click "Augnet Folders"

    Image of Step 1

  3. Sign in again with your username and password.

  4. Double click "Home@Augsburg."

    Image  of Step 2

  5. Double click the "www" folder.

    Image of Step 3

  6. Click "File" and "Upload..."

    Image of  Step 4

  7. Click "Browse" and choose the files you want to upload. If you want to upload more than one you can click the "+" symbol. When you are done click "Upload."

    Image of Step 5

  8. Your file should now be accessible at "" except with your username instead of "username" and your file name instead of "filename.ext". Here is what it would look like if auggie uploaded myimage.png

    Image of Step 6

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Last Modified: 2015/03/16

Comments (1)
Emily Hoisington
02 July 2010 11:37 AM
When I got to step #7 in these directions, instead of having a button saying "Browse" I saw a button saying "Choose File". I wonder if this was because I was using Safari? "Choose File" worked the same way as "Browse" so I wanted other people to know that. - Emily
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