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Student print quota FAQ
Posted by Scott Krajewski (Import) on 22 September 2009 08:41 AM

All Augsburg College laser printers and copier-printers are managed by a print accounting system. The print accounting system serves to track usage, educate people on how much they print, and standardize the print accounting for the University.

The goals of a print accounting system are to

  • Reduce printing waste, to lessen the environmental impact
  • Raise awareness, provide real-time data to help students, faculty and staff with their printing decisions

You can read the full printing policy on the IT policy page and more details on the Printing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the quota?
    500 units per student per 6 month period: 1/1 - 6/30 and 7/1 - 12/31

  2. Do I have to pay?
    No.  The quota is primarily there to raise awareness and through awareness reduce waste and environmental impact.

  3. What if I need more units?
    You can contact the TechDesk and ask for more.  Your quota will be increased by 100 units for the remainder of the 6-month span we are in.

  4. What if I still need more units?
    You can contact the TechDesk and ask for more.

  5. Will my quota be higher next time if I ask for more now?
    No.  Quotas are reset at the 6-month rollover.

  6. How do I check my quota?
    Lab computers will have a counter in the upper-right corner that shows your current quota.  You may also check online at any time.

  7. Does the quota count the same to all printers?
    No. Color pages or large format prints cost more units.  A single black-and-white page is the basic unit.  Computer lab printers have signs displaying the unit costs.

  8. Where did the number 500 units come from?
    Campus printing was analyzed over the 2007 - 2008 and 2008 - 2009 academic years and the majority of students were under 500 pages in a single term.

  9. Do students print a lot?
    In a typical academic year students print about 1.7 million pages.  If a quota had been in effect in the past up to 600,000 of those pages might not have been printed.


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