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Adding Content: Adding Files to your Moodle Course - Drag and Drop Method (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Erin Voss on 12 August 2009 02:34 PM

Feature Limitations:

  • Supported by certain web browsers such as more recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari 6 available on Mac OS X (10.7 and higher)
  • Does not support dragging and dropping of folders - only files.

  1. In your course select the 'Turn editing on' button in the upper right hand corner or the 'Turn editing on' link in the Settings block under Course administration. This will enable "drag and drop" within your moodle course. 

    Turn Editing On

  2. Scroll down (if needed) to view the bottom of the topic section you wish to add a resource to. New resources will always be added to the bottom of a section. If you are using the Collapsed Topic format in your course, first open the section.

  3. Arrange your computer desktop windows so that you can view both your browser window and your files on your computer (e.g., in an open folder or on your desktop).

  4. Drag a file (or multiple files) from your computer into the chosen topic section. An indicator stating "Add file(s) here" will show where the file will appear in the course section when you release your mouse button. Note: You cannot drag and drop a folder of files from your computer.

    Drag and Drop, Add File

    View a video of Step 4 (the drag and drop).

  5. Using the four-headed arrow icon, move the resource to your desired location.

  6. To adjust the settings for the uploaded item, click its update icon.
Last Modified: 2013/06/17

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