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Existing google accounts and addresses (faculty/staff students)
Posted by Scott Krajewski on 19 April 2013 10:20 AM

Moving to Google at Augsburg and existing and google accounts using your address.

Prior to Augsburg moving to Google Apps for Education you may have used your address with existing google accounts.  With the move you cannot use your address with other google accounts.  Here are the two things that could happen, one of which will happen.

1.) You have an existing address and you added your address to that account.

In this case google will warn you that you cannot associate your address with your address anymore.  This will not affect your address except that your address is no longer an alternate address. This is where the alternate address is explained.

Google account has changed

2.) You created a account using your address.

You may have signed up for a account to use google docs with your address.  Unfortunately you cannot do that once Augsburg has set you up in Google Apps for Education.  You will be alerted by google that you need to update your account like below.

Update account

Scroll down the page to see your options.  We recommend choosing either

  • Creating a new address or 
  • using another email address you own.

Then follow the prompts on the screen to finish your choice.


Update account

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