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Using Zoom H2 digital audio recorders
Posted by Nathan Lind on 26 December 2012 01:35 PM

How to use the Zoom H2 digital recorders.

A few tips on using/setting up the Zoom H2:

  • Check the battery level indicator in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • Use the < > arrows to select which mics are active and how many channels (Surround 2CH and 4CH both use both front and rear microphones)
  • Check the date and time in the menu (last menu item) - this will help when downloading the recordings so you know when they were recorded
  • Select the appropriate recording format and bitrate - WAV format and higher bitrates decrease the amount of time you can record on the 512MB SD card.  A midrange MP3 bitrate allows for several hours of recording time.  After leaving the menu, the remaining recording time allowed is listed in the lower right corner of the display
  • Delete files from previous users - Menu | File | select | delete
  • Press the record button once
    • Adjust levels using the Mic gain switch on the side
  • Press the record button a second time, now you are recording.
  • Press the record button a third time and recording stops, the file is saved automatically.

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