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Sending a PDF on the Canon copiers (Faculty/Staff)
Posted by Scott Krajewski (Import) on 03 September 2009 03:09 PM
Most Canon copiers on campus have the functionality to scan documents and send them as a PDF to an Augsburg email address.  The email will come from the address "" with a subject line of "Scanned image from [your copier]".  Scanning to PDF will not count as a copy and will not be charged to your department.
  1. Enter your copy code (if required) to get to the copy screen. 

  2. Touch the Send tab at the top of the screen.

  3. Touch the Network Add. Book to access the AugNet campus directory. 
    (On a color copier, the button will be labeled Address Book/Server - then pick Search on Server from the list of available address books).

  4. Search for your name.  You only need to enter part of your name.  Press Start Searching to search.

  5. Pick yourself from the list of people found.  (Even if it only finds one address, you must touch your address to actually select it). Click OK.

  6. On the right side, make sure File Format is set to PDF (PDF/PDF on a color copier). 

    If it is set to TIFF (or contains TIFF on a color copier) press File Format and select PDF. (or PDF/PDF). 
    You may also have the copier create a separate PDF file for each page.  This is enabled by pressing Divide into Pages on this screen.

  7. Press the Start button on the copier and they'll be emailed to you as a PDF.

  8. Once you receive the PDF files it is recommended you save them to your AugNet folder and delete the email.

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Last Modified: 2013/05/13

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