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Steps to Take with Phishing Emails
Posted by Eric Strom on 20 November 2019 08:50 AM

When a person you know is being impersonated in an email that looks like it is from them but the actual source email is not recognized as valid - this is an example of a phishing attempt. We see this from time to time where bots scour the public facing department pages and target the chair title for things like this, often emailing other faculty in the same department asking for help. The best practice for this situation is to forward the original email with full headers to your LFC, then "Report phishing." Instructions below. 

  1. Choose "Show original" in the options menu when viewing the suspicious email. 

    show original
  2. Then click the "Copy to clipboard" button, and paste this content into an email addressed to your LFC.

  3. Next, tag the suspected email as a phishing attempt from the options menu. This flags this message to assist with Google's algorithms.
    Mark as Phishing.png

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