Moodle: ATTO Content Editor (Faculty/Staff/Students)
Posted by Christy Mattingly on 26 July 2019 02:36 PM

ATTO is a newer Moodle content editor. Atto is streamlined in order to help increase the accessibility of Moodle sites. This article explains the toolbar buttons on the new content editor which appear in all fields where you can add text in Moodle, such as forum replies.

Here is a video that demonstrates some of the features of the Atto editor

To switch between the TinyMCE/Atto editors, see the instructions—Moodle: How to change your content editor.

  1. Select the first button to toggle open the second row on the toolbar. Click the first button again to hide the second row of tools. Point your mouse arrow over a button to see a screen tip with its name.

    ATTO toolbars with toggle button highlighted.

  2. Going in order from left to right, the next buttons on the top row of toolbar are:
    -Heading Styles
    ATTO Heading Style button

    ATTO Heading Style button
    -Bullets (unordered list)
    -Number list (ordered list)

    ATTO Link and unlink buttons
    -Link (select text, then click the chain link button to paste in a link)

    ATTO insert/edit image or media buttons
    -Insert/edit image
    -Insert media, such as a video file

    ATTO insert audio or video
    -Record audio  (these embed and play directly in Moodle)
    -Record video  (these embed and play directly in Moodle)

    ATTO file manager button (better off skipping it)
    -File Manager (uploads files to be stored on Moodle, does not embed the file in the content editor)
    Not recommended for use as an additional place to store files is not necessary. Storing files in Google Drive offers versatility.

  3. The second row of the toolbar contains the following:  I:\www\kb_images\moodle\3\Content_editor\ATTO_8_alignment.png

    ATTO buttons beginning the 2nd row of the toolbar
    -Font color

    ATTO buttons for alignment of text

    -Left alignment
    -Center alignment
    -Right alignment
    -Left indent
    -Right indent

    ATTO buttons for equation editor, insert character, table, clear formatting
    -Equation editor
    -Insert character
    -Clear formatting

    -Undo (or Ctrl + Z)

    ATTO buttons for accessibility
    -Accessibility checker  I:\www\kb_images\moodle\3\Content_editor\ATTO_9b_htmlTempFS.png
    -Screenreader helper

    ATTO buttons for viewing content in HTML code, Pre-defined template (not needed for students), full screen view is the last button
    -HTML (editor - much improved!)
    -Pre-defined template (contains canned instructions for forums, link to Academic Honesty Policy (tip: add to Quiz "description" field), design elements like course banner and specialized headings/bullets
    -Fullscreen (opens the content editor to full screen, click again to go back and Save/Submit

  4. Bring your Word doc into Moodle by following these instructions: 
    1. Click the "W" in the toolbar
    2. Browse to select the document you want to insert
    3. Click "Upload this file"
    4. The file will upload with formatting intact.
    Import Word doc

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